Franklin Graham Shares What Billy Graham Does All Day

July 08, 2016Jul 08, 2016

Billy Graham remains one of the most famous evangelists in America today. Yet the humble preacher doesn't think anyone remembers him, shares his son, Franklin Graham. “He doesn’t think anybody remembers who he is,” Franklin chuckled at a prayer rally in Alaska, “so he’ll say, ‘If you meet anybody who remembers me, tell ’em hello.'”


Well, there are many of us who do remember him--and want to know how the beloved evangelist is doing. Thankfully, Franklin shares about his father's health, ministry, and day-to-day doings in his latest ministry update."Many ask about my father. He is still in his own home and often eats meals at the kitchen table, as he has always done. Approaching age 98, he lives with limitations typical of old age—his eyesight is very poor, his hearing is not good, and he uses a wheelchair. Someone is with him in the house at all times."

"One of the things he enjoys is sitting on the front porch and looking out over the mountains on days when the weather is good and he feels up to it. He watches news with the help of a large-screen TV. His ministry now is praying, and he looks forward to reports of what God is doing around the world. He always responds by saying “Praise the Lord” as he points upward."

Franklin Graham shares that his father is now reaching toward the goal of 100 years old. “He’s 97 years old. When he was 90, he told all of us he was gonna live to 95. When he approached 95, he moved the goalpost. He said, ‘I’m now gonna live to be a hundred.’ … I hope he does.”

We hope so too! Will you say a prayer for the Graham family as they continue their great ministry to America? Thank you so much!