Franklin Graham Shares The Incredible And Bold Move This City Just Made For God

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June 20, 2019Jun 20, 2019

Wow, what a way to turn something on its head! Instead of announcing that they are an abortion-free city (which, on its own is bold enough), the city of Waskom, Texas just shared that they are a "Sanctuary City for the unborn."

"What city, what county, what state, is saying to the federal government, 'here, we will no longer murder our babies?'" said Rusty Thomas, the national director of Operation Save America, a Christian conservative group. "Hey, Washington, D.C., you can do whatever you want to do. For this town, we're saying no babies will be aborted. Not under our watch."

The law originally came out of Mark Lee Dickson's, director of Right to Life of East Texas, frustration that Austin wasn't making any protective pro-life laws. "This is why we had to take things into our own hands and take it to the grassroots level," Dickson told Fox News.

"Due to the recent pro-life legislation in Louisiana being so strong and due to the risk of an abortion clinic one day moving to Waskom, Texas, we decided to do something to protect the city, which was passing an ordinance outlawing abortion in Waskom, Texas."

"The Supreme Court erred in Roe v. Wade when it said that pregnant women have a constitutional right to abort their pre-born children," the ordinance boldly states.

Here, Franklin Graham heartily commends the city of Waskom and shares his hope that more cities will follow their lead.

"I’m with the city of Waskom, Texas!" says Graham enthusiastically. "This town passed an ordinance banning abortion in their city limits and declaring that they are a 'Sanctuary City for the Unborn.' Their ordinance goes farther to state that 'The Supreme Court erred in Roe v. Wade when it said that pregnant women have a constitutional right to abort their pre-born children.'"

"The head of Right to Life of East Texas said that rather than becoming a destination for abortion, they want to focus on doing what the Bible says in Amos 5:15, 'Hate evil, and love good, and establish justice in the gate.' I applaud their goal and their boldness. Abortion is taking millions of lives every year and this needs to be changed. I hope that more cities will take the same stand to defend life," urges Graham.

What do you think of this Texas city's bold move to stand for life? Share your thoughts in the comments! Doesn't it seem that pro-life cities and states (like Georgia and Louisiana) are emboldening others to take unprecedented pro-life stances? It's awesome.

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