Franklin Graham Shares Powerful Story in Response to Attempted NYC Terror Attack

December 11, 2017Dec 11, 2017

On Monday morning, December 11th, an attempted terrorist attack occurred in New York City near Times Square. Locals and tourists at the Port Authority terminal were terrified as a loud explosion unexpectedly went off.

Thankfully, no one has been reported dead as a result of the attempt. However, at least four people were injured including the suspect, who has been identified as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah from Bangladesh.

According to authorities, it appears that the attack was meant to be a suicide bombing, but something went wrong. Authorities believe the homemade bomb may have malfunctioned.

Following the attack, many have expressed their prayers for the victims and our country. Additionally, this nearly tragic situation brings the controversial issue of President Trump’s travel ban back into the spotlight.

Franklin Graham, son of legendary evangelist Rev. Billy Graham, was one of many who commented on the incident, bringing a strong attention to prayer and the importance of the ban.

Graham stated, “Once again our nation has been attacked by radical Islam. According to media reports, a Muslim immigrant from Bangladesh, inspired by ISIS, detonated a pipe bomb this morning in New York City. As the Syrian and Iraqi governments celebrate what they call the ‘victory over ISIS,’ the battle against radical Islam is far from over,” he continued. “I’m thankful that the Supreme Court agreed with and upheld President Trump’s travel ban which is so important for the security of our country.”

He also shared a very powerful story about a 29-year-old woman who was present at the explosion. The woman was reportedly on her way to work at the time, but quickly ran away when she saw smoke and heard a loud noise.

Her response: “If I didn’t believe in God, I believe in God today.”

Graham ended with a call to prayer, “Pray for those injured this morning. Let’s also pray for President Donald J. Trump and our leaders in Washington—both Democrat and Republican—that God would give them wisdom and they would listen to His voice.”

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Please continue to pray for President Trump and our nation. In other recent news, a new poll revealed where Roy Moore stand in the Senate race.

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