Franklin Graham Shares How These 4 Words Nearly Got This Christian Fired

May 19, 2017May 19, 2017


What are we "allowed" to do and say as Christians nowadays? If we let anti-Christian people have their way, we won't be allowed to say anything. Effectively, it seems that the liberal culture was to silence Christians. 

Case in point: Fox News shared that Toni Richardson had an investigation launched on her after she told a fellow teacher who was going through a hard time, "I'll pray for you." 

"A school worker in Augusta, Maine was ordered to stop using religious phrases like “I will pray for you” and “You were in my prayers” because such language is not allowed inside a public school building – even in private conversations with coworkers," shares Fox.

Here on his Facebook page, Franklin Graham explains the deeper situation--that if unstopped, Christians will be increasingly pressured to not act like Christians.   


Graham uses this example to show the need for Christians to run for public office. If we are in places of influence, we can stop Christians from being discriminated against. 

As one commenter on Graham's post pointed out, it seems that Christianity is being selectively singled out for persecution in America, while other religions--like Islam--are given priority.  


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