Franklin Graham Shares About Sister's New Cancer Treatment and Her Difficult Side Effects

March 15, 2019Mar 15, 2019

Franklin Graham's sister, Anne Graham Lotz, lost her husband suddenly in a drowning incident in their pool on August 19th, 2015. Three years later, to the day, Lotz got the news that she had breast cancer.

At first, Lotz shared, it felt like the devil was attacking her. But then she realized that God is in control and she put her cancer journey in His hands. And it has been quite a journey. She first underwent surgery to have the cancer removed. But a follow-up appointment revealed it had spread.

So then came seven rounds of chemotherapy with difficult side effects. Lotz shared how hard it was to lose her hair, posting a picture of her new wig. She confessed that the chemo had been very hard on her body. But she also showed us how to have faith while waiting for God's healing.

On her blog, Anne shared an intimate look at what was going on in her heart during December: "At 70 years of age, why did I come down with cancer? My cancer is potentially fatal. It struck swiftly and unexpectedly. It required immediate, prompt, drastic surgery and follow-up treatments that include chemotherapy and radiation. Through our prayers and God’s answers, I believe I will be victorious over it. But the word of the Lord has come to me, Anne, what do you see? As I have contemplated the answer in light of my present circumstances, I have wondered…Could it be there is more to my cancer at the age of 70 than just a random coincidence?"

Lotz went on to share how she felt her diagnosis was intertwined with things happening in Israel. She urged readers to pray for the peace of Israel, a very unselfish request in the face of her own battle.

This week, Franklin Graham updated followers on his sister's journey, sharing how she now faces radiation to get what was not killed by the surgery and chemotherapy.

"So many people have asked how my sister Anne Graham Lotz is doing as she undergoes treatment for cancer. We thank God that she has finished her chemo and is scheduled to begin radiation in a couple of weeks. While she has had some difficult side effects from the chemo, she continues to count her blessings and praise God for all He is doing. She has been so encouraged and strengthened by the many, many prayers. We are grateful for each one who lifts her up in prayer—thank you!" ended Graham's post.

He linked to an ask for prayer by Lotz, in which she shared: "Your prayers have helped carry me through surgery and seven chemo infusions that have stretched out over six months. Praise God! Most of my battle with cancer has been won! Even as I have struggled with severe side-effects, I have experienced deep peace, unceasing joy, and great expectancy of blessing to come! Thank you!

"Now I face a month of daily radiation beginning around the end of this month. I also will continue an infusion every three weeks until October 2019 to help insure the cancer will not return. As so many of you know, cancer is a wicked disease. As God brings me to your mind, I would treasure your continued prayers," asked Lotz.

Will you pray for Lotz? Please post your prayer in the comments so we can agree together! Thank you so much.