Franklin Graham Opens Up After Lesbians Sue Christian Senior Center

August 31, 2018Aug 31, 2018

The world of 2018 is an interesting place. Many people are living their life based on their "feelings" instead of by the Word of God.

Now, a new story is making headlines and challenging a Christian establishment. A lesbian couple is suing a retirement facility in St. Louis over the facilities housing policy. They are a Christian establishment and their policy is based on Biblical teaching.

"The couple, married since 2009, claim that the facility violated the Fair Housing Act and the Missouri Human Rights Act when it rejected their application for housing in July 2016 because they were a lesbian couple," according to the Christian Post.

Franklin Graham has since opened up on the topic.

"A Christian retirement facility in St. Louis is being sued because it turned away a lesbian couple based on its biblically-based housing policy. The facility's policy defines marriage as 'the union of one man & one woman, as...understood in the Bible,'" he wrote.

"The couple's lawsuit not only asks the court to force Friendship Village to change its policy, but for a permanent injunction that would allow them to move into the community. We need to pray for the leadership of Friendship Village, that they'll stand strong," concluded Graham on Twitter.

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