Franklin Graham Sends Out Incredibly Strong Message about Islam

June 05, 2017Jun 05, 2017


It's true: Franklin Graham has been one the strongest and most vocal leaders to warn America about the dangers of radical Muslims, as he says in this passionate Facebook post. 

Troubled by the increasing number of terrorist attacks lately, Graham issues this bold call for America and other Western nations to wake up, "before it's too late."


The response to Graham's post has been mostly affirming, though some are still struggling with the idea of judging an entire religion on the actions of a few.



But as Graham points out, there are numerous teachings in the Quran that encourage violence against those who do not believe in Islam. That is troubling.

What do you think of Graham's strong warning? What do you think America should do to protect our nation against Islamic terrorism? Share your thoughts and prayers in the Comments! Thank you!