Franklin Graham Says The Most Politically Incorrect Thing About The Boy Scouts Scandal

April 25, 2019Apr 25, 2019

It's one thing when something happens without your knowledge or consent, when you are doing everything you can to protect those under your care. It's another when you have known about a problem for a while, have taken steps to cover it up, and have even made decisions to further the harm.

That's what Franklin Graham is accusing the Boy Scouts of America of, concerning their latest scandal of thousands of victims of sexual abuse. Called the "perversion files," the Boy Scouts has had the names and abuse allegations of thousands of boys and men; and new information is coming out to show that the once-trusted organization has done more to cover it up than to protect its constituents.

“The Boy Scouts of America have never actually released these names in any form that can be known to the public ... they never alerted the community that this teacher, this coach, this scout leader ... is known to be a child molester,” said attorney Jeff Anderson.

Due to the continuing onslaught on abuse accusations, the Boy Scouts is considering filing for bankruptcy, not because they don't have the money to face the litigations, but because it would limit the time victims have to come forward. It would also keep private the names of the abusers.

“That’s why they’re going into bankruptcy, not because they don’t have the money," said Tim Kosnoff, an attorney who has litigated more than a thousand cases of sexual misconduct against organizations such as the Scouts and the Mormon church. "They’re going into bankruptcy to hide, to hide these dirty secrets.”

This, to Graham and many others, is simply unacceptable. On top of that, Graham points to the decisions made by the Scouts in the last decade to allow gay members and leaders in their troops. This is a point not being made by the liberal media, presumably because it would be considered extremely politically incorrect. But Graham connects the system of continuing abuse with the inclusion of openly gay members in his passionate Facebook post calling for justice for the abused.

"It is jolting to read that the attorney hired by the Boy Scouts of America to go through their 'perversion files' has testified that they can identify over 12,000 victims of sexual abuse by leaders in this organization," says Graham. "Our hearts go out to these victims and their families. Sexual abuse is so rampant in our world today."

"To make matters worse, in 2013 the Boy Scouts made a decision to allow gay members in the organization and, then in 2015, to allow gay leaders," Graham continued. "Now, there are reports they are considering filing for bankruptcy, in an effort to limit their financial liability. I agree with the call that the list of perpetrators should be made public for the protection of others. The Boy Scouts should be accountable for what’s been called their 'culture of shame and secrecy,'" ends Graham's passionate post.

The abuse experienced by thousands of young men is crippling. “It’s humiliating, kids don’t tell, they carry the secret into adulthood, their coping strategy is not to tell anyone,” said Kosnoff. “Many of these men have indicated that they have suffered and struggled their entire lives with this burden."

Let's pray for the victims and also pray that God would protect any more young men from being abused. Thank you for sharing your prayers and thoughts in the comments!

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