Franklin Graham's Son Reveals Just How His Father Feels About Hate from the Media

September 11, 2018Sep 11, 2018

Franklin Graham never fails to tell the truth. Whether he's talking about abortion, politics, or faith in America, he pulls no punches. That often doesn't make him very popular with the media. 

Does Franklin care that he's not a darling of the media? According to his son, Will Graham, his father isn't remotely bothered by it. 

"My dad couldn't care less, and my granddaddy couldn't care less," said Graham in an interview with Faith Family America. "We don't live for the media—we're not here to please the media."

Will Graham, who FFA interviewed at the at the Dallas premiere of "Unbroken: Path to Redemption," went on to emphasize that his father's goal is not to please the world. Franklin Graham's mission in life—just as it was his father's and is his son's—is to serve God.  

"We're here to please God. That stuff doesn't bother my dad at all. My dad's a tough man, and he takes a lot of heat," shared Graham, who plays his grandfather in the new movie. "I'm fine with that, and he's fine with it. We want to stand for truth, and we want to stand for what the Bible says."

As Will noted, Billy Graham's style of bluntly telling the truth was popular in the post-World War II era. During the 1949 Los Angeles Crusades, Graham called people to Christ directly and with immediacy. 

"He preached like Jesus is coming back tomorrow or you're going to be dead tomorrow. He wasn't saying, 'Hey, this may be a good idea. If you want to come on down, we'll pray.' No, he was saying come now. He was commanding people, and he was bold."

Will says his grandfather was so commanding because he believed that he was God's servant and prophet. 

"He represented the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords." 

Bluntly proclaiming the truth isn't as popular now, but that doesn't mean the Graham's will be watering down God's truth so that they can reach the level of popularity that Billy Graham achieved. While the culture may have changed, the message remains the same. 

"We're not going back down. We're not going to be wishy-wash because we're not popular. We're going to tell what the Bible says. This what my granddaddy did, and it just happened to be popular back then. It's a lot more divisive, but the message hasn't changed. So we're going to keep telling people about Christ because they desperately need it."

He concluded, "My dad is only trying to point people to Jesus because Jesus can change everything. That's what I want to do too." 

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