Franklin Graham's Message To His Dad's Haters

October 09, 2015Oct 09, 2015


America has loved faithful evangelist Billy Graham, but now critics are taking issue with his latest (and possibly final) book, "Where I Am: Heaven, Eternity, and Our Life Beyond."

Among the critical claims? That the book sounds more like it was written by son Franklin and that it is far too "fire and brimstone" to be from the loving evangelist.


In a disparaging article, the Charlotte Observer shares the critique of Billy Graham "expert" Grant Wacker, who said of the book, “It (is) clearly, indisputably Franklin. Over the course of (Billy) Graham’s career, he talked less and less about hell until the end (of his career), when he barely mentioned it.”

But Franklin Graham says these so-called "experts" know nothing. “These people are supposed to be experts on Billy Graham. A lot of them haven’t talked to my father in 20-some years.”

Answering the criticism the latest book's focus on Hell is out of step with his father's usual message of God's love and forgiveness, Franklin Graham says, “Maybe this was a burden, that he felt he didn’t preach (about hell) strong enough in his latter years. I don’t know."

In fact, Franklin says his father originally wanted to write the entire book on Hell, but after speaking with family and aides, decided to write it on Heaven, Hell, and eternity.

In this Fox interview, he explains that his father wants people to know that God loves them and is willing to forgive their sin, but that if we reject Him, He has no other alternative than to condemn us, and that place is Hell.

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Graham strongly states that "This is the message that my father has preached all of his life. And at 97, i can tell you right now, he has not changed one bit. He believes it stronger today than ever."

Your thoughts? What do you think of the focus of Billy Graham's latest book? Is it too "fire and brimstone" or is it a message America needs to hear? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!