Franklin Graham's 3 Word Answer On Who To Vote For

August 11, 2016Aug 11, 2016

As Graham addressed the crowd in Boise, Idaho, he knew people were troubled about who to vote for. Many don't want to vote for Hillary and her very pro-abortion platform, but are also turned off by Trump's brashness. His advice was clear and easy to remember: "Policies, not personality," he said.


Graham was adamant not to endorse any one candidate, but asked the crowd to consider these questions when voting: "Which candidate will Christians have a voice with?" "These are not perfect people," Graham admitted, "But who are the people they will appoint as justices?"

Graham laughingly said, "Hold your nose and vote." He knew many in the crowd didn't want to vote for either candidate. But Graham passionately believes Christians must let their voice be heard. The crowd erupted in applause when he said in a loud voice, "Christians have a right to speak out just as much as the gays and lesbians."

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