Franklin Graham Releases Powerful Statement, Asks for Help from All Christians

June 04, 2018Jun 04, 2018

Over the last several days, Franklin Graham has been traveling around California hosting several evangelical rallies and talking about the current politics in the state. The prominent Christian leader has been focusing on one main thing- the overlap between the Christian call and politics.

Graham has been encouraging Christians in every state to become more and more involved with politics and to “be a spokesperson for God’s standards and moral issues that we face every day politically.”

While Graham wants Christians to get involved with politics as a whole, there is a specific agenda that he focused on over the weekend. He made a powerful statement regarding the newest agenda in California regarding sex education.

Below are his words:

“There’s an agenda in California and every other state to target the minds and hearts of children. The agenda is to lure them into promiscuity and condition their minds to accept lifestyles that are against the teaching of God’s Word. What do we do?”

“Parents have to be involved and not accept curriculum such as the sex ed curriculum these San Diego parents are fighting. Using smutty language and imagery to taint the minds of elementary school children- or any age students for that matter- is wrong.”

“Teaching 6th graders about sexual pleasure and how to go to websites to learn to ‘ask for consent in a sexy way’ should not be happening. This is an example of why we need men and women who believe in God to run for school boards at the local and state level. It’s also imperative that Christians vote in every election for candidates who support Biblical principles, including the legislators who make these laws.”

“17 states have primaries this month- California has theirs this week- and there’s a lot at stake. I hope that every pastor will encourage the members of their congregation to let the Christian voice be heard in the elections. Let’s be salt and light as Jesus commanded and make a difference for our children and grandchildren!”

Graham is asking Christians to make a conscious effort to combat the attempt to bring unhealthy sex education into schools, whether that is through prayer, voting, or actually getting involved with politics in a more hands-on way.

Will you join him? Let us know your thoughts on this matter and on Graham’s response to it. In other recent news, the amount of personal wealth that President Trump has sacrificed since being in the White House was just revealed.