Franklin Graham Rallies Christians to Pray Against This "Wicked" School Decision

June 11, 2018Jun 11, 2018

This is one of the greatest attacks on our children today. They are being told, by liberal ideology, that they can be the opposite sex if they want. Boys can turn into girls, and girls can turn into boys.

The problem is that it's simply not true. You cannot change your DNA. And telling young kids to try to find happiness by living a lie will not only destroy them personally, it will destroy the foundation of the family, which is built upon having strong men and women be fathers and mothers, husbands and wives.

A school in Indiana recently passed a rule requiring teachers to call transgender students the name and pronoun of their choosing. So, if John wanted to become a girl and be called Suzy, the teacher would have to obey and refer to John as a "she."

One could say this is just words and going along with someone wants, not hurting their feelings. But the other side is that it is basically lying and supporting a young person's self-destructive thinking.

That's what John Kluge felt, and he felt it so strongly that he was willing to resign from his teaching position. "“I really care about kids and I don’t want to do any harm to them,” Kluge told Todd Starnes. “I was talking to my pastor about the scenario of calling a student by an opposite sex name and what harm I believe that would do to them.”

Here, in a passionate Facebook post, Franklin Graham honors the teacher's integrity and asks that we all stand in prayer for him.

"This Indiana teacher needs our prayers." begins Graham's post. "John Kluge was forced to resign over the district’s transgender student policy. They now require teachers to refer to transgender students by their preferred name and pronoun rather than by their birth name and by the gender they were born. That’s really ridiculous."

"John loves his job, but after he prayed about it, he determined that he couldn’t do this because it is wrong and he believes it’s harmful to the students," continues Graham. "John wants his job back—but he wants his freedom of speech too! This is why it is so important for Christians run for school boards across the country—to put a stop to this kind of wicked behavior. John's school board is meeting TONIGHT! Would you pray? And let him know you're praying in the comments below..."

Will you add your prayer for Kluge and for all the teachers that will be facing rules just like this in the future? This is a tidal wave attack against our children and unless we stand up against it, so many will be lied to and go down the wrong path. Will you pray and share about this with your friends?

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