Franklin Graham Puts World Famous Celebrity On Blast: "That's Sick"

May 21, 2019May 21, 2019

This last week, Alabama made a huge, highly controversial decision to basically outlaw abortion. Any doctor that performs one will be charged with a felony and will serve up to 10 years in prison. No other such law exists in any state currently; the closest is Georgia's heartbeat bill which makes abortion after about 6 weeks illegal.

Obviously, the pro-life Trump administration is having a powerful impact in the country, emboldening pro-life leaders and citizens to voice their values. But, of course, the very pro-abortion Hollywood sector is not happy with these changes.

When Georgia made their heartbeat bill legal, actress Alyssa Milano organized a protest against the state, encouraging businesses to withdraw from Georgia in an attempt to cripple them financially. So far, Georgia has stood strong.

Now celebrities are rallying against Alabama, particular the female governor, Kay Ivey, who courageously signed the anti-abortion law into effect. Topping the hateful tweets towards Ivey is Jim Carrey's own artwork that he posted on Twitter.

The cartoon depicts Governor Kay Ivey as a fully-formed fetus being aborted. His caption reads: "I think If (sic) you're going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama."

Franklin Graham was outraged at the image and posted his disgust on Facebook, calling out Twitter at the same time: "That’s sick. Did you see Jim Carrey’s tweet with his drawing showing AL Gov. Kay Ivey being 'aborted'—sucked apart by an abortionist? Well it just shows that Jim Carrey and others do know beyond any doubt that abortion is the taking of another person’s life—murder. Wonder why Twitter doesn’t have a problem with Jim Carrey’s threatening message of hate?" challenged Graham.

Part of the response to Carrey's gruesome drawing (besides the obvious disgust) is the acknowledgment by the pro-life community that pro-choicers know exactly what abortion is really doing: taking another human being's life. Contrary to the liberal rhetoric, it's not an "embryo" or a lifeless glob of cells; it's an actual person with thoughts, feelings, and a soul.

One commenter to Carrey's tweet said it very well.

Others echoed the same sentiments.

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