Franklin Graham Publicly Disagrees with President Trump

June 30, 2017Jun 30, 2017

It's not often that Franklin Graham publicly disagrees with President Trump. He was, after all, credited with helping Trump win, by encouraging the evangelistic population to vote for him. Graham saw in Trump a president who would elect conservative judges to the Supreme Court, and he understood that to be one of the most defining moves for the next generation.

But that doesn't mean that Graham agrees with everything Trump says, as evidenced in his recent Facebook post. The bold evangelist doesn't like Trump's suggestion to privatize air control, as he explains here. 

"Rep. Bill Shuster’s goal is to modernize equipment and training for controllers faster than under FAA, while providing more stable funding for the system protected from congressional bickering. The measure is a top priority for airlines and has been promoted in Trump's budget and infrastructure plans," shares USA Today

“It ends decades of wasteful spending on failed programs and broken promises," Shuster said. “It gets Washington out of the way of innovation in aviation."

But obviously Graham disagrees. As a pilot who has experienced other nations' air control, Graham does not think this move will better America's system.

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