Franklin Graham Publicly Confesses His Family's Sins

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August 11, 2016Aug 11, 2016

It was a very powerful moment at the Capital in Boise, Idaho on Wednesday. Almost 4,000 people were gathered to hear Franklin Graham speak and to pray for their troubled nation. As the crowd eagerly awaited Graham's instructions, they heard him talk about Nehemiah, a slave who was exiled because of God's judgment on Israel's sins. The comparison to America was unspoken yet clear.


Graham began by saying how Nehemiah first asked for forgiveness for his sins and the sins of his nation and ancestors. "I confess that we, the people of Israel, have sinned. My ancestors and I have sinned. We have acted wickedly against you and have not done what you commanded" (Nehemiah 1:6,7). Graham started off by doing the same. He said that his father, Billy Graham, was a very righteous man, but that there were slave owners and alcoholics in his lineage. He admitted that some of his ancestors were "wicked."


As he prayed for forgiveness, you could feel God's Spirit, and the crowd began to do the same. It was a very holy moment, and some were crying. After the time of prayer, Graham exhorted the crowd to stand up and vote: "Christians have a right to speak out just as much as the gays and lesbians," he said. The crowd erupted in applause and cheers, happy to hear a strong voice speak out against the stifling political correctness.

Graham was very purposeful to not endorse any one candidate. But he was equally clear in saying that Christians should vote, and that they should vote for the person who will make the most righteous policies and appoint the most godly justices. His voting motto was: "Policies, not personalities."

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