Franklin Graham Predicts What Kavanaugh Will Be Like as Judge

October 07, 2018Oct 07, 2018

There has not been such a narrowly elected United States Supreme Court Justice in 100 years. With a closing vote of 50-48, no one was quite sure how it was going to end up for Kavanaugh during the contentious days leading up to the decision.

There were FBI investigations, witness hearings, and angry riots across the nation, particularly from women. Planned Parenthood tried to incite upheaval, asking in tweets for women to show their "rage." They vowed to Senator Susan Collins, who encouraged Kavanaugh's nomination to go forward in light of insufficient evidence towards sexual misconduct, that "women won't forget."

But despite the greatest efforts from the Left, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was elected to the 9th seat of the United States Supreme Court. His confirmation leaves the Senate plowed through with bitter contention.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has made headlines for standing against her fellow Republicans. She was opposed to Kavanaugh, but voted "Present" to honor fellow Republican Senator Steve Daines of Montana who had to be at his daughter's wedding. President Trump vowed her political career would not recover from her betrayal to her constituents.

While the angry mob rallied against Kavanaugh under the #MeToo movement, Democrats opposed the conservative judge for what he might do to Roe v. Wade and other liberal, biblically opposed values. These are the very issues that Franklin Graham highlighted as national fractures whose course had the power to radically change the next few generations.

During the contentious presidential campaign, Graham urged Christians to vote considering who a president might elect to the Supreme Court, despite his or her personality or personal failings. With President Trump now having put two conservatives to the bench and strengthening the national ruling powers towards traditional, biblical values, the controversial president has accomplished much more than many of his even more conservative predecessors.

Franklin Graham is, naturally, very happy at Kavanaugh's nomination. He posted to Facebook, "Congratulations to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh! He didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was in this process—no one deserves that. I’m so thankful that God overruled."

"Justice Kavanaugh does need one thing though—he needs our prayers," continued Graham. "Let’s pray for him and his family in this critical appointment. I’m confident he will do a great job for all Americans," he powerfully predicted.

What do you think of Kavanaugh's nomination? What do you think he might be able to accomplish from the bench, along with his fellow conservative justices? Do you think we could ever see an overturning of Roe v. Wade?

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