Franklin Graham Opens Up: "I Had No Idea What Was In Store..."

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October 14, 2016Oct 14, 2016

Maybe on the outside, it might look glamorous or fun: a 50 state tour at every capitol to gather Christians together to pray. But on the inside, the struggles might be a lot different than people think. The constant criticism from liberals and agnostics who don't like to hear things like that homosexuality is a sin or that America needs to repent. The constant travel, sometimes just being in a state for a few hours and then on to the next. And certainly the spiritual battle that goes on when you attempt to do something of this magnitude.

So Franklin Graham is being somewhat understated when he shares that he didn't know what to expect when God led him to do this 50 state tour, which just culminated in his home state this week. But God knew that what America needs most in this extremely turbulent election is prayer and repentance. Here, Graham shares about all that was accomplished during the tour.



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