Franklin Graham: Obama Has Warped Society, Promoted Ungodly Sexual Behavior

September 08, 2016Sep 08, 2016

No stranger to strong words, Franklin Graham has clearly implicated President Obama for the nation's moral decay. In the latest issue of Decision Magazine, dedicated to encouraging Christians to vote, Graham lays significant blame for our nation's current acceptance (and almost obsession) of homosexuality at the feet of Obama. "Think of the moral degeneration that has transpired under our current president, who has helped lead the fight to promote ungodly sexual behavior while failing to protect basic religious liberties."


Speaking of the transgender revolution happening right under our feet, Graham writes: "Same-sex marriage zealots have launched an all-out war on traditional marriage, which is defined in Scripture—and virtually every civilization in history—as a union between one man and one woman. Human sexuality itself is being completely redefined by elite sexual revolutionaries who seek to impose their warped views on society, resulting in fierce battles over such things as transgender bathrooms—supported by none other than the president himself."

The answer, Graham says, is for Christians to get up and pray and vote. He reminds us of the tragic no-show at the poll of millions of Christians in the last election. "Remember: Nearly 30 million evangelicals failed to make their way to the voting booth in the last election cycle. We must not repeat that mistake again this November."

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