Franklin Graham Makes The Best Point About Taking Down Monuments

August 19, 2017Aug 19, 2017

Since the race riots last week in Charlottesville, where America was sadly revisited with ugly elements of her past (KKK hats, torches, and Neo-Nazis), many have gone to the extreme of wanting to pull down every national monument that has anything to do with slavery. And it's understandable: if you really want something rid from your nation, you try to erase any element of it, even the memory. 

But both Franklin Graham and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice make the very good point that erasing the memory of a nation's mistakes only sets the nation up to make the same mistakes again. Graham draws upon Israel's own often sordid history to make his powerful argument. 

Graham wisely draws upon Rice's words, an African American woman who could very well want all the monuments to be taken down, but instead wants them to serve as powerful reminders. 

"I am a firm believer in 'keep your history before you' and so I don't actually want to rename things that were named for slave owners," she said. "I want us to have to look at those names and recognize what they did and to be able to tell our kids what they did, and for them to have a sense of their own history. When you start wiping out your history, sanitizing your history to make you feel better, it's a bad thing."

Rice's words directly contradict Nancy Pelosi's recent drastic suggestion for removing the nation's history. What do you think of Graham and Rice's point about teaching our children not to make the same mistakes by preserving the memory of our failures? Share your thoughts in the comments! Thank you!  

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