Franklin Graham Makes Powerful Statement About Melania, Asks One Major Request

May 16, 2018May 16, 2018

Melania Trump has captivated the nation with her grace and charm. As the wife of President Trump, her role in the White House is increasingly important. She has recently been working to launch her platform on cyber-bullying, opioid abuse, and overall child welfare to aid in their emotional and social development of kids.

According to reports, First lady Melania Trump underwent an embolization procedure for a benign tumor in her kidney. Embolization procedures are performed to cut off blood supply to a tumor, aneurysm or abnormal growth, typically growing in the kidney or liver, to shrink the foreign mass, reported Fox News.

On Monday evening, President Trump gave the nation a major update on the health status of his wife. He took to Twitter to thank supporters for their prayers and to let everyone know Melania was recovering nicely. He said she should be home in just a couple of days.

"Heading over to Walter Reed Medical Center to see our great First Lady, Melania. Successful procedure, she is in good spirits. Thank you to all of the well-wishers!"

"Our great First Lady is doing really well. Will be leaving the hospital in 2 or 3 days. Thank you for so much love and support!"

Now, Franklin Graham is speaking out about Melania. He wrote a powerful message about her on social media. Graham then went on to ask his followers if they would join him in praying for the First Lady! His leadership and compassion is exactly what this nation needs right now!

"Melania Trump is one of the smartest, most elegant, gracious & kind First Ladies the U.S. has ever had in the White House. Join me in praying that she'd have a full recovery from surgery & that God would encourage her while she’s in the hospital," wrote Graham.

What do you think about this? Let us know! Also, in other news, Sarah Sanders is asking for prayers.

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