Franklin Graham Makes Powerful Point about Kathy Griffin's "Sick" Stunt

May 31, 2017May 31, 2017

Comedian Kathy Griffin is in some hot water right now. What she thought would be funny (and maybe even "cool" to her Hollywood peers who don't like President Trump) has not been received as such.

The TV personality did a photo shoot with controversial photographer Tyler Shields, showing her holding a bloody mask of Donald Trump. Many, including Trump, have found the photo very disturbing and disrespectful.

Trump shared that his youngest son, Barron, is having an especially hard time with it, as you can imagine. 


One of Griffin's sponsors, Squatty Potty, has already dropped her, and CNN is considering not inviting her back to host the New Year's Eve celebration, reports Fox

“We found what she did disgusting and offensive,” a CNN spokesperson said in a statement. “We are pleased to see she has apologized and asked that the photos be taken down. We are evaluating New Year’s Eve and have made no decisions at this point.”

But Franklin Graham makes a powerful point about the celebrity's stunt. He says that this is no laughing matter, as Christians are truly being beheaded in the Middle East. 

Screen_Shot_2017-05-31_at_9.29.32_AM.png What do you think of Griffin's stunt? How do you think she should be punished? Share your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!