Franklin Graham Makes Major Announcement About His 99-Year-Old Father

December 29, 2017Dec 29, 2017

One of the most famous evangelists of all time is Billy Graham. He has spent his life preaching the Gospel and spreading God's word to millions of people.

Now, his son Franklin is carrying on the torch and saving thousands of people each year. Franklin also had thousands of people respond to his latest social media post where he announces some major news about his father, Billy.

For the 61st time in history, Billy Graham has just been listed on the Gallup Poll's list of most admired men! He even came in at number 4! Franklin took to Twitter to share the news.

"At 99 years of age, my father @BillyGraham has made #GallupPoll’s list of most admired men for the 61st time. This year he is #4. I’m grateful to God for the incredible platform He has given my father through these many years," he wrote.

Graham's place on the list is interesting. He came in right behind Obama, Trump, and Pope Francis. Many of his supporters were thrilled with the news and proud to hear he made the list for the 61st time.

His successful career and calling has spanned decades. He truly is a man to be admired and we pray for his well being and his health. Let us know if your faith was influenced by Billy or Franklin.

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