Franklin Graham Laughs And Says THIS When Asked If Hillary Is An Honest Person

October 18, 2016Oct 18, 2016

Franklin Graham was put in an awkward position yesterday when CNN asked him if he thought Hillary Clinton was an honest person. The question was brought up because Graham was asked why he should trust the Supreme Court nominee list Trump has put forth. Graham believes that this election comes down to which justices the candidate will choose; his motto for voting has been "principles over personality."

So Graham replied that he has met Trump, had several conversations with him, and believes that he is an honest person. He cited that Trump, in his few conversations, has been able to take criticism and that Trump says what he is going to do and sticks by it. Clinton, on the other hand, he could not say the same about.

Graham has also met Hillary a couple of times but when asked if he thinks she is honest, he laughed, then said: "Well, I think the American people are going to have to decide that."  When pressed further, Graham graciously said that it had been a while since he had met with Clinton and that he could not answer to her honest character. He also said that Clinton has yet to be open about the justices she would pick. You can watch the interview here.

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