Franklin Graham Just Watched Hillary's Interrogation. Here's What He Has To Say.

October 23, 2015Oct 23, 2015


"Incredible." That's what Franklin Graham called the Hillary-Benghazi interrogation.

11 hours of questioning. And still not much of an answer. It kind of reminds you of a scene where the mom is questioning her son if he took the cookie, and he takes way longer than necessary to answer the question. "Well, you see, I, uh...well, was it really a technical "cookie?" Or more of a cracker? I can't quite remember when I was actually in the kitchen..."

The truth should be pretty clear-cut, you would think. And with something as atrocious as Benghazi, the general public really wants a clear-cut answer. But after 11 hours, that's not what we got.


Here, in his latest Facebook post, Franklin Graham shares how he felt after watching an hour of Senator Clinton's questioning:


Franklin Graham is right about 2 things: We probably won't have answers about Benghazi--at least for a while--and we need to pray for new leadership: that God would raise up leaders that fear and follow Him.

Will you post a prayer for our country in the Comments? And if you watched the interrogation, let us know what you thoughts! We love to hear from you! Thank you!