Franklin Graham Just Urged All Christians To Shun This Family Institution

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May 12, 2017May 12, 2017


It used to be that you could trust the Boy Scouts. They were this time-honored institution that represented hard work, important life skills, and building boys into strong men.

Now, parents are finding themselves unable to trust the Boy Scouts in the same way. In the last couple of years, they have made some big decisions concerning sexuality. They have deemed it appropriate for leaders to be gay and they have recently allowed girls into Boy Scout groups. 

This, to many, is so concerning that they are unwilling to let their kids be involved anymore. And the Mormon Church as a whole just made the unified and public decision to withdraw their involvement. 

Here, Franklin Graham applauds the Mormon Church's decision and encourages all church and Christians to follow suit. 


As expected, the response to Graham's post was both divided and passionate. Some whole-heartedly agreed with him.


But others found fault with both his "judgment" and the approval of the Mormon Church's decision. 


What do you think about the Boy Scouts and Graham's encouragement to shun them? Right? Wrong? Let us hear your thoughts! Thank you!