Franklin Graham Just Sent A STRONG WARNING To The London Terrorists

March 23, 2017Mar 23, 2017

A terrible terrorist attack occurred in London on Wednesday. British authorities are not saying for sure who was responsible, but early reports blamed an Islamic extremist. 

Authorities later retracted that, with reports then blaming an "Asian," though that could refer to someone in Asia Minor and still be a Muslim. The retraction may be part of the larger Western notion to deny the very real trend of Islamic terrorism. 

Franklin Graham, however, has been calling out this denial for a long time. Every time there is an Islamic terrorist attack, he points out that these aren't random attacks from random groups; they are purposeful attacks from an evil group that sincerely wants to bring down non-Muslim nations, from America to Israel. 

Here, Graham stands strong for England and tells the terrorists (whoever they are) that they will not win.  



BBC News reports on what the authorities are releasing about the attacker: "The attacker has not been named. Acting Deputy Commissioner and head of counter-terrorism at the Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley, said they think they know who he is and that he was inspired by international and Islamist-related terrorism, but gave no further details."

What do you think about this latest attack? Do you think the Western world needs to take Islamic extremism more seriously?

Please keep the victims and their families in your prayers, and post your prayer for them in the Comments! Thank you so much!