Franklin Graham Just Made This POWERFUL ACCUSATION Of Obama. Do You Agree?

January 13, 2017Jan 13, 2017

Has President Obama put our country in danger? That seems to be what some military experts think, and Franklin Graham agrees with them.

In his latest Facebook post, Graham calls out Obama's "social engineering" of the military, saying that it has come at the cost of a military that is equipped to defend our nation.



Fox News reports that experts told them a big change is coming under Trump: "The Pentagon could be poised for a rapid about-face under the Trump administration, with the Obama administration’s push for social reform surrendering to what could be an old-school emphasis on combat readiness and the spirit of the United States military."

Department of Defense contractor and retired Army Col. Robert Maginnis shared how he has seen faith and morale decline under Obama: “Here in [the Pentagon], we don’t say merry Christmas, and I think we have been misguided when it comes to our history and who we are as a nation, and political correctness is indicative of that.”

“It has struck this building in a big way and we need to get away from that. Our focus is defending this country, and we should not spend so much time on social engineering," declared Maginnis.

Magginis says that Mattis will “bring the warrior ethos back to the Pentagon." What do you think of Trump's pick and Graham's words? Let us hear your thoughts and prayers in the Comments! Thank you!