Franklin Graham Just Gave a Piercing Message Connecting Las Vegas, ISIS, and CBS

October 04, 2017Oct 04, 2017

When you see the news about Las Vegas and how one of our own so brutally killed so many people, you feel depressed, angry, even numb. And these are normal reactions: who can explain such evil and subsequent pain to so many families?

That's the very question Franklin Graham answered on his Facebook page today, garnering thousands of likes and comments. It seems he really struck a chord.

Graham points out that it is the evil in someone's heart that causes them to do horrific things to others, even connecting the lack of compassion in the CBS' attorney's heart to the power of evil. "Many don’t understand what’s in the heart of a person who’s a senior attorney for CBS and says she has 'no sympathy' for those killed or wounded in Las Vegas simply because people who listen to country music might be Republicans," he wrote.

Graham continued, "The common thread that runs through the heart of each of these is evil. The Bible says, 'The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?' (Jeremiah 17:9)." He also implicated Hollywood's continual production of violent entertainment as being part of the problem: "We see a rise in wickedness, not just in this country but around the world. And Hollywood filmmakers continue to promote evil, wickedness, violence as a form of entertainment."

The answer, Graham says? Turning back to God, as a nation and as individuals.  "Our nation is in trouble, and only God can heal the human heart. That’s why Jesus Christ came—to pay the penalty for our sins and to offer forgiveness through faith in Him. What’s in your heart today?"

What do you think of Graham's powerful message? Share your thoughts and prayers for the victims in the comments. Thank you!

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