Franklin Graham Just Compared Muhammad to Jesus, and the Winner Is Clear

June 09, 2017Jun 09, 2017


There is a strong current sweeping the nation right now that tells Americans that they cannot say one religion is better than another, lest they be called bigoted. But Franklin Graham is standing up against that tide and showing the stark difference between Islam and Christianity--and calling a clear winner. 

In a Facebook post on Thursday commemorating the death of Islam's founder, Muhammad, Graham boldly proclaims that while Islam's founder is dead, Christianity's founder is alive and well. 


Graham's post got a great response, with thousands in agreement and many Shares and Comments. Here are a few of them.



You can tell that American Christians are refreshed to have a bold spiritual leader say what is utterly politically incorrect but entirely the truth. What do you think of Graham's post? Share if you agree with him!