Franklin Graham JUST Asked You To THANK TRUMP For This HUGE ACTION

February 23, 2017Feb 23, 2017

What President Trump just did may have one of the biggest impacts on our children ever. He undid Obama's executive action to force schools to let boys into girls' bathrooms, showers and locker rooms (and vice versa).

Why is this big? (Other than the obvious boon for safety), this will help to preserve the incredibly important truth that boys are boys and girls are girls.

Imagine a young girl who grows up in a school situation where boys are let into her locker room, changing in front of her, showering with her. She is told that even though they are boys, they feel like they want to be girls.

But maybe they change their minds and then they are just in her private spaces to look at girls! Think of all the repercussions of confusion, deception, and quite possibly molestation.

This is a much bigger issue than the left wants us to believe, and President Trump's bold executive action will have incredible and positive far-reaching consequences.

Franklin Graham wants us to show President Trump our support, as he will certainly be getting a ton of criticism for this.


You can read more about this major move at Big Story

What do you think of President Trump's action? If you support him, will you let him know? Thank you so much!