Franklin Graham Is Coming To Boise, And He's On A Mission To...

August 02, 2016Aug 02, 2016

Amidst heated presidential campaigns that are consuming the nation's attention, Rev. Franklin Graham is on a campaign as well.

According to Decision America Tour 2016, Graham says, "I am running a campaign, but I'm running a campaign for God, to put God back in the political discussion in America."

The politically active evangelist and president of Samaritan's Purse and the Bill Graham Evangelistic Association has been touring all 50 states to share a biblical message, encourage Christians to vote, and lead crowds in prayer. Now's your chance to see him in Boise on Wednesday, August 10 at noon. He'll be speaking on the steps of the Idaho State Capitol Building. Find driving directions here.

One prayer rally attendee commented that, "We're a comfortable breed of Christianity."

Another one added, "We can't sit and do nothing at idle anymore. We have to move."

And "move" is what Graham is telling Christians to do in his rally as he encourages them to stand up, take action, and live out their faith in a country that is becoming more hostile to Christianity.

"We're asking people to pray, to vote for biblical principals, and to engage in your community by living and sharing your faith. I believe this next election may be the most important election ... in the history of our nation. And we can have an impact on this. We're not supporting any candidates, we're not supporting any party, but we want to lift up the name of Jesus Christ."

Are you planning to be there?