Franklin Graham Is Asking Us To Do THIS For Trump

February 07, 2017Feb 07, 2017

God may have chosen a man as tough as Trump because the job to turn our country around would be met with such opposition. The cultural trajectory to promote abortion, open the borders, ignore Islamic terrorism, and silence Christians has been progressing for the last 8 years.

Now Trump is trying to turn that around, but he is being met with incredible criticism. And even for a tough man like Trump, it has to be wearing. So Franklin Graham is asking that we tell Trump to stay strong and voice that we are behind him.


Here are some of the powerful and touching prayers and support people have given in response to Graham's petition.



What do you think of all the opposition against Trump? Are you behind him? Will you post your prayer and support for him? You can visit his Facebook page here or write your support in the Comments here!