Franklin Graham is Asking For Your Prayers After Fatal School Shooting

January 30, 2018Jan 30, 2018

One week after a tragic school shooting in Kentucky, Franklin Graham is asking for your prayers. He is especially requesting that you pray for his own response team, as well as the team assembled by his father Billy Graham, as they minister to those who are suffering as a result of this shooting.

Two teenagers died and several more were injured after a student suddenly began opening fire in their high school. The incident resulted in chaos, with bullets flying and people screaming, until deputies were able to disarm the shooter before he caused any more death or injuries. The scene apparently unfolded just before 8 am as students were waiting for the opening bell to ring to start the school day.

Currently, the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) chaplains are in the area and ministering to locals, according to Billy Graham’s website.

“The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains have been invited to come alongside the community to offer emotional and spiritual care following this tragic shooting,” said a local.

Within the team there are 10 crisis-trained chaplains who are ministering to the people of Benton, offering spiritual care to the people suffering from the shooting. The RRT is also providing respite for residents who visit. They are also praying with local chaplains.

According to local news, the 15-year-old accused in the school shooting killed two suspects and left a troubling 18 more injured. His identity remains a secret as he awaits Juvenile court, where he is initially being charged with murder and assault. So far, prosecutors will not identify his name until they receive permission to try him as an adult.

The age of those injured in this shooting range from 14 to 18 years old and all of them were awaiting an 8 am bell to start the school day.

The entire community is very shaken by the incident, especially since it is a small community where everybody knows each other. According to local news, the nearest town is Benton, which holds about 4,300 residents, and the entire county has a mere 31,000 people.

After the incident, the town’s elementary and middle school reopened on Thursday in an attempt to get back to normalcy. But the high school, where the incident occurred, remained closed.

Authorities want to add the additional charges of attempted murder, but until they are able to discover whether there was a motive they are unable to do this. Attempted murder is an offense that takes into account a motive, a specific intent, whereas assault only requires a serious physical injury by means of a dangerous instrument.

So far, without a motive discovered, the teenager can only be legally proven to have committed an assault.

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