Franklin Graham Imagines A Scary World If Clinton Is Elected...

September 09, 2016Sep 09, 2016


Franklin Graham is careful not to outwardly endorse any particular candidate in this upcoming, tumultuous election. But one can definitely read between the lines of his appeal for Christians to vote in the latest Decision Magazine. He begins by saying:

In just 10 weeks, our nation will select a man or woman who will become the 45th president of the United States of America. Whomever we elect will take the helm of a nation that has grown increasingly hostile and intolerant of the very foundation and principles upon which it was so nobly founded—the Christian faith and Biblical values.That’s why I believe this election is the most significant since Abraham Lincoln was chosen to guide a divided country through a bloody and protracted civil war."

"For if the forces of evil that are allied against the free exercise of our faith succeed—and they have done severe damage already—then I have no doubt that the nation we love will devolve into moral anarchy more quickly than we can imagine."

Moral anarchy. Those are very strong words. But Graham believes that if the next President continues the work of Obama (and the candidate closest to Obama is Clinton), then our country will suffer greatly.  "The skirmishes over moral standards have turned into pitched battles over the last decade and now have become an all-out war on religious liberty," Graham writes. "Think of the moral degeneration that has transpired under our current president, who has helped lead the fight to promote ungodly sexual behavior while failing to protect basic religious liberties."

"What if that depraved trajectory continues over the next few decades? Can you imagine what our great nation, whose foundation was laid by a moral and religious people, will look like? The next president will appoint several Supreme Court justices (three of the current eight are 77 or older), so this election will profoundly affect generations to come."

Graham is urging Christians to ask certain questions when considering how to cast their vote. What will the candidate do about key Biblical issues like marriage, the unborn, and religious liberty? How will the candidate protect our country against terrorism? What justices will the next President appoint?

Graham pleads with Christians not to make the same mistake of last election. "Remember: Nearly 30 million evangelicals failed to make their way to the voting booth in the last election cycle. We must not repeat that mistake again this November."

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