Franklin Graham Has Great Advice On Voting--But Some People Are Upset

February 09, 2016Feb 09, 2016


It might be easier for Franklin Graham to just endorse one candidate. A lot of people would be more satisfied. But that's not what Graham is going to do.  He is maintaining that no one particular man or woman can help save this country from the mess it's in; only a group of people who are truly humble and asking for God to come heal our land can do that.

That's why he offered really great advice at a recent Decision America rally on how to vote. (You can watch the video on his Facebook page.) He began by warning the people, "This may be the last opportunity we're going to have as a nation." He then urged, "We need the Christian voice in politics."


But Graham wasn't going to say *who* to vote for.  Instead, he focused on the how.  He advised, first, go and get your family registered to vote. Sounds obvious, but so many of us still need to do that step, especially if we've moved recently.  Second, he said the most important thing: Pray and ask God who to vote for, and He will tell you.  That is the crucial ingredient in this process. Graham pointedly said, "I'm not going to tell you who to vote for; God will do that."

But some people want him to tell them who to vote for. Sometimes it's easier that way--to just hear the directive of a strong, Christian voice. Many are commenting on his Facebook page with urges to endorse this candidate or that. But he won't do it. And we respect it. How about you? Are you inspired by the voting advice Graham is touring the country to give?

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