Franklin Graham Has Been Waiting For Obama To Pray About THIS...

December 28, 2015Dec 28, 2015

Franklin Graham has been calling attention to the plight of Middle Eastern Christians for a long time now.  Heavily persecuted by ISIS, Christians in the Middle East are facing the threat of genocide. And sadly, the Obama Administration has largely stayed silent about it, often choosing instead to defend Muslims--until recently.   

Graham posted on his Facebook this weekend:



President Obama drew attention to the fact that we as Americans are able to celebrate Christmas in a way that many in the Middle East are not. "Michelle and I are also ever-mindful that many of our fellow Christians do not enjoy that right, and hold especially close to our hearts and minds those who have been driven from their ancient homelands by unspeakable violence and persecution," Obama said, reports CNN.

What do you think of Obama's prayers and actions toward Middle Eastern Christians? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments! And please post a prayer for persecuted Christians! Thank you so much!