Franklin Graham: GOP Are Secularists And There May Be 2 Heathens In The Race

January 06, 2016Jan 06, 2016

As Franklin Graham kicks off his national tour to encourage Christians to pray and vote, he has some strong words about the campaign. No longer aligned with the Republican party, Graham has withdrawn his hope in the GOP saving America because they have become "secularists" (i.e., godless) and not the party he grew up with as a boy. 

He is encouraging Christians instead to first and foremost pray--and then vote.  Graham considers his nationwide tour a campaign for God and not for any particular candidate.  And in this interview with NBC, Graham warns that Christians may have to end up choosing between two heathen candidates--meaning, Hillary and one Republican candidate.

His advice? Choose the lesser heathen. 

Here's Graham's post about his tour and NBC interview. 


What do you think of Graham's independence from any political party or candidate? Do you agree with his encouragement to focus on prayer and God to save America? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments!