Franklin Graham "Goes There" About Islam

October 20, 2018Oct 20, 2018

Even on the most conservative media channels, you're not going to hear anyone negative blanket statements about Islam. And if you do hear some pejorative remarks about the religion, it will be under the caveat of "radical Islam" or "Islamic extremists."

But Franklin Graham makes no such concessions or specifications in his recent Facebook, stating outright that "Islam is dangerous." Graham proves his point by sharing about Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five in Islamic Pakistan that is facing hanging for her faith in Jesus.

"Asia Bibi, a Christian and mother of five, has languished in a Pakistan prison for 8 years," shares Graham. "The charges? An argument over drinking from a cup of water resulted in blasphemy charges against Asia. She is accused of saying that Jesus Christ died for her sins and asking 'what did Mohammed ever do for you?'"

"An extremist Muslim political party is demanding her hanging and protesting in cities across the country," continues Graham. "Pakistan is the 5th most dangerous country to be a Christian according to the World Watch List—Islam is dangerous," Graham writes emphatically.

"Islamists have vowed to kill Asia if the court acquits her," continues Graham, making his point clear. "The U.S. and every just country that provides assistance to Pakistan needs to send a message that Asia Bibi must be set free to leave Pakistan. Her husband and daughter ask Christians around the world to pray for her protection and release—will you pray?"

Asia Bibi is a role model to us all, especially here in the West where most of our fears around standing for the Bible concern social isolation. Although, some are predicting that the time is coming where Christians will be faced with penal charges for standing against same-sex marriage and the LGBT agenda.

One pastor in Canada recently said: "You study the history of Christian martyrdom. They were murdered, they were killed, not ultimately for being Christians, though we know that's the reason behind it, but for being enemies of the state."

He went on to ask, "The pressure will come your way, it's coming your way, it has come your way. It will increase. How will you respond?"

How do you plan to respond, if it becomes a hate crime here to publicly stand for traditional marriage and God-given gender identity? Have you thought about it much?

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