Franklin Graham Gives STRONG Advice To Christians Who Don't Know Who To Vote For

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October 21, 2016Oct 21, 2016

Do you remember taking tests when you were younger and hearing the advice that if you don't know the answer, just leave it blank? That advice does not apply to this election. There are a number of Christians who just don't know how to vote. To them, neither candidate seems very appealing, and some can't quite feel peace in their conscience about checking a vote by either Trump or Clinton.


But Dr. James Dobson and Franklin Graham say that not voting is not a good solution. In a joint message to Christian voters, the two leaders address people who don't know what to do--and are considering not voting.  "I don't understand why a Christian, who is trying to serve the Lord, will not give 15 minutes to check a ballot and let his or her voice by heard," said Dobson, while explaining why people in Washington don't value the Christian voters in the middle of the country, saying it's because they don't vote.

Franklin Graham chimed in, saying how passionate he is for this particular election.  Sharing that he has 10 grandchildren, Graham said, "It's getting to a point where we wake up the church, where this may be our last chance. If my life came to an end this next year, if it could make a difference for my grandchildren, it's worth it."

Graham reiterated that he is not endorsing any one candidate, but instead emphasizing that every Christian pray and vote accordingly. "I'm not going to tell people who to vote for, but I want them to examine every candidate. It doesn't mean that in every election you have a clear choice of an evangelical Christian. You just need then to pick one that best stands for what we believe. And so there may be a couple of elections where, ok, this one is at least the most friendly toward Christians. Some of them are outright hostile to what we stand for."

"I'm not going to tell people who to vote for, but we need to vote," Graham reemphasized. Graham and Dobson went on to remind us that elections can come down to 358 votes, as in Florida with George W. Bush.

What do you think of Graham and Dobson's words to Christian voters? Do you think their message will speak to those Christians who are really on the fence and considering not voting? Let us hear your thoughts and prayers in the Comments! Thank you!