Franklin Graham Gives GRAVE WARNING To Obama About His "Monument To Sin"

May 06, 2016May 06, 2016

This is a little reminiscent of Elijah in the Old Testament. He repeatedly warned Israel's leaders not to worship false idols. But they didn't listen, and they suffered grave consequences. Now Franklin Graham is warning President Obama not to set up a monument to sin. Will he listen before it's too late?



The Washington Post shares that the move is partly to honor and partly to fortify the fight for gay rights. "Although national monument designations are partly symbolic, backers of the move said it could bolster the fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, which led to the landmark 2015 Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage."

We totally agree with Franklin Graham and his warning. How do you feel? Let us know in the Comments! Let's pray for our country! We don't want to end up like Elijah's Israel!