Franklin Graham Fires at Democratic Party with Startling Example Made of Former Leader

October 16, 2018Oct 16, 2018

Wow, if that's how they treat their friends, how do they treat their enemies? Well, we saw a bit of it with Judge Brett Kavanaugh. But now we see how the Democratic Party treats those that go against their driving covert agendas of replacing a strong national identity with globalism and of destroying our country's Judeo-Christian foundation.

The new chairman of the Allegheny County Democratic Party in Pennsylvania was forced to resign over an old Facebook post saying, “I stand for the flag, kneel at the cross," shares Todd Starnes

Marine veteran Mark Salvas said, “I’m not ashamed of my patriotism, not one bit. I fought for this country. I think I have a right to have a voice and be patriotic.”

In defense of the decision, state Democratic Committee Chairwoman Nancy Mill said, “We have a zero tolerance for sexual harassment or racism of any kind. I think Chairwoman (Eileen) Kelly made the right decision once she was aware of the issues.”

So does that mean that patriotism and Christianity are automatically assumed to be one in kind with sexual harassment and racism? Presumably that's what the Democrats are trying to sell.

And in essence, the Democratic Party is saying they are in direct opposition to patriotism and to Christianity. While we all knew that in general, to see such a blatant firing for it is stunning.

But Franklin Graham sets them straight in his latest Facebook post. Sharing his dismay, Graham posted, "Former Marine and Gulf War veteran Mark Salvas was forced to resign as head of county’s local Democratic Party because of an old Facebook picture of him and his wife with the words, 'I stand for the flag, I kneel at the cross.'"

"Mark said, 'I’m not ashamed of my patriotism, not one bit. I fought for this country. I think I have the right to have a voice and be patriotic.' He’s right. What has happened to the Democratic Party?" asked Graham.

Stunningly, Salvas still stands with the Democratic Party, saying he believed in their inclusivity: “There’s a place for all of us and all of our views,” he told a reporter.

Franklin Graham isn't convinced, and neither are we. How about you? Share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you!

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