Franklin Graham Fires at CNN After Controversial New Year’s Eve Coverage

January 03, 2018Jan 03, 2018

Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham, son of the legendary Billy Graham, is well-known for his bold statements in support of conservative values. He consistently comments on political issues, especially those concerning the media and politicians pushing a far-left agenda and turning our country away from God’s Word.

Graham recently fired at CNN following their controversial New Year’s Eve coverage. Every year, CNN conducts a special, “New Year’s Eve Live,” which covers the infamous ball drop at New York City’s Times Square.

During this year’s segment to ring in 2018, CNN reporter Randi Kaye chimed in occasionally from Denver, Colorado—a state where marijuana is legal. On air, Kaye was seen holding a joint and lighting a bong as she was surrounded by citizens smoking pot.



CNN received a lot of backlash for incorporating a segment that was not family-friendly for such a popular family-friendly event, reported Fox News. Graham agreed.

Graham posted a bold message on Facebook encouraging his followers to call out CNN for their inappropriate news coverage.

“I wish this were #fakenews, but CNN seems to now be promoting drug use! Their New Year’s Eve ‘coverage’ of pot use in Colorado was disgraceful,” he said. “Their reporter, Randi Kaye, excitedly—and shamelessly—held a joint, lit a bong, oohed over a special gas mask used by stoners, and laughed about not knowing where she was. All while wearing marijuana leaf earrings.”

He continued, “That’s really professional, isn’t it? Someone commented on twitter, ‘Really, CNN, this is where your morals have landed in 2018?’ We have a crippling drug epidemic in our nation that is destroying families and lives. I think this reporter and the producers should be fired and CNN should apologize for promoting pot use. If you agree, let CNN know.”

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