Franklin Graham Exposes Liberals' Urgent Agenda, Calling It "The Height Of Depravity"

February 19, 2019Feb 19, 2019

What is the argument for being able to kill babies in the third trimester? At that point, they are nearly all able to be saved. In fact, as Franklin Graham shares from the expertise of an outspoken doctor, “There’s absolutely no reason to kill a baby before delivery in the third trimester.”

In a powerful Facebook post, Graham reveals that the true aim of progressive liberals (i.e., nearly all Democrats) is unchecked abortion upon demand. In fact, every Democratic presidential candidate supports the Women's Health Protection Act, which seeks to make unchecked abortion available in every state.

“If you look at every Democrat in the Senate that is speculating or has announced that they are going to run for president [in 2020], every single one of them… have all co-sponsored this bill,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life lobbying organization Susan B. Anthony List.

"Dr. Omar Hamada has delivered more than 2,500 babies and he tells the media that 'There’s absolutely no reason to kill a baby before delivery in the third trimester,'" shares Graham. "Dr. Hamada is an OB/GYN, a former army surgeon, and definitely a defender of life. He nailed the plans of liberal progressives in this interview: 'Their agenda is to have unlimited abortions nationwide.' New York’s celebration of the murder of infants and enshrining it into law is the height of depravity—and other states want to follow suit. I’m thankful that this doctor will speak out so boldly and wonder why more physicians don’t do the same," ends Graham's powerful appeal on Facebook.

Referring to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's order to light up buildings in pink to celebrate the issue of due-date abortions, Dr. Hamada said, “That’s actually sick, that we’re celebrating the death of infants – of babies that could live outside of the womb right then. In fact, at the base of the World Trade Center…there is a memorial to 9/11 in which is listed the names of the victims and also the fetuses. I think there were four or six fetuses that were killed, and they list those as victims. And now they’re celebrating that they’re able to take the lives of those.”

Wow, what a powerful point. The same New Yorkers who grieved over those lost in terrorism are now celebrating being able to kill their own.

“There’s absolutely no reason to kill a baby before delivery in the third trimester," Hamada explained. "Not a fetal or maternal indication – what we say in medicine. If there’s a problem, and there are problems in the third trimester, both with the babies and with the mom that require delivery, just deliver the baby. We don’t have to kill it."

What a powerful testimony from a brave doctor who is telling the truth, when countless others won't. Will you pray that this terrible law gets overturned and does not spread to other states? Our country's future relies on it. Thank you so much!

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