Franklin Graham Explains How Bad Irma Could Be to Florida

September 06, 2017Sep 06, 2017

It's just one thing after another. Some are pointing to the omen of the solar eclipse as a warning for these natural disasters that are hitting America (first Harvey, then massive fires in the West, and now Hurricane Irma), but Franklin Graham is just focusing on rallying us together to pray.

On his Facebook page, Graham warns of what experts are saying about Irma, calling it a "monster" and describing it as at the strongest Atlantic hurricane in recorded history. He asks all Americans to pray for Florida as Irma approaches.

ABC shares that Irma is currently hitting Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and will be expected to hit Florida by Sunday morning.

"Preparations are already underway in Florida, which could face 'direct impacts,' according to the NHC, though it's too soon to tell for sure. The official NHC path shows Irma will travel straight up the middle of the state," says the news outlet. "But the latest computer models, which project possible paths for the storm, show Irma could move further to the east, threatening the Carolinas and the East Coast."

Will you pray for those in Irma's path? What do you think of all of these natural disasters hitting America? Share your thoughts and prayers in the Comments! Thank you! 

Sadly, some liberals are celebrating the fact that some of President Trump's property could be destroyed by Irma. 

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