Franklin Graham Exclaims: "CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?" On Trump's Unprecedented Move

March 16, 2017Mar 16, 2017

This is so awesome. Instead of profiteering off of political position (like many are tempted to do), President Trump is taking his shrewd business sense to our government.

Government positions are paid for by each of us, and if there are jobs that are not serving the nation for the amount of money we each contribute to them through our taxes, they're ultimately hurting America.

And that is just what Trump understands. But unlike his predecessors, he is actually taking on the tough job of auditing the government and trimming off the excess fat.

Here, Franklin Graham applauds the President and also shares that Trump will be donating his own salary. Now that's putting your money where your mouth is!



Trump's goal is to make the government work for the American people, not the other way around.

“This executive order is another major step toward making the federal government efficient, effective and accountable to the people,” Trump said in signing the order at the White House, reports Fox News.

“There is duplication and redundancy everywhere. Billions and billions of dollars are being wasted on activities that are not delivering results,” he added.

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