Franklin Graham Describes How He Will Decide Who To Vote For

September 13, 2016Sep 13, 2016


How do you decide who to vote for in this very important, upcoming election? Many feel that they don't have a candidate they can fully support. So do you just not vote? "NO!", says Franklin Graham in the latest Decision Magazine. "Remember: Nearly 30 million evangelicals failed to make their way to the voting booth in the last election cycle. We must not repeat that mistake again this November."

Thankfully, Graham gives this guide to give us wisdom on who the best candidate is. He says to ask these questions:

"Will they do everything they can to protect the life of the unborn child? Will they fight for the religious freedom that is guaranteed under the Constitution? Will they fully support the rights of men and women of faith to act in accordance with their sincerely held religious beliefs?

"Will they defend our nation against Islamic terrorists who have slaughtered and killed innocents across our country in the name of their god? Will they call the enemy—radical Islam—by its name? Will they work to strengthen our military so the United States of America can continue to be the dependable guardian of the free world?

"Will they defend the Biblical sanctity of marriage as between one man and one woman, and do all they can to protect the family unit? Will they continue to lead us down the road of irresponsible socialism, where the Biblical injunction for hard, honest work is ignored? Or will we embrace a resurgence of vigorous entrepreneurship and industry that has been a hallmark of our nation since its founding?

"Will they appoint judges to the Supreme Court and federal courts who respect and uphold the safeguards of the U.S. Constitution? Judges who refuse to interpret the law based on decadent ideology and liberal political agendas that are directly opposed to the fundamental tenets of religious freedom?"

What do you think of Graham's criteria on who to vote for? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!