Franklin Graham Defends Trump and Tells Us Who's to Blame for Charlottesville

August 16, 2017Aug 16, 2017

Franklin Graham defended Donald Trump from attackers that blamed him for the deadly riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, that happened over the weekend.

Graham instead said that the blame is on completely on Satan.

The driver James Alex Fields Jr., 20, an alleged Nazi sympathizer, drove a car into a crowd of activists in Charlottesville, and ended up killing one person and injuring 19.

CNN is painting the picture of President Trump being insincere when he condemned the riots.

In Graham's statement, he said those blaming President Trump for tensions are misguided.

"Really, this boils down to evil in people's hearts," Graham said. "Satan is behind it all."

Graham continued to say, “He wants division, he wants unrest, he wants violence and hatred. He's the enemy of peace and unity. I denounce bigotry and racism of every form, be it black, white or any other. My prayer is that our nation will come together. We are stronger together, and our answers lie in turning to God."

Graham also asked about Charlottesville leaders, wondering why they didn't "see that a powder keg was about to explode and stop it before it got started."

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