Franklin Graham Compares Trump To THESE 2 People In The Bible

June 22, 2016Jun 22, 2016

Franklin Graham has been going around the country asking people to pray for God's healing in our country. He has repeatedly stated that he is not campaigning for a certain candidate, believing that only God can help us. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have an opinion on who is the better choice for President.

At a recent meeting of Evangelicals with Trump in New York, Graham gave a strong exhortation to the crowd of Christians about not closing their hearts to the unlikely presidential nominee, report the Christian Post. Terry Schilling, the executive director of the conservative think tank American Principles Project, shared part of what Graham told the crowd. "Franklin Graham started off his speech by talking about the flaws of Moses and how Moses disobeyed God and was punished, and how David committed adultery and killed a man, and several biblical leaders and people throughout the bible that have sinned," Schilling shared. "He said, 'Look, I am a big sinner. Franklin Graham, standing before you, is a big sinner. But I have been forgiven and seek forgiveness and there is no reason why Donald Trump can't be a good leader for us.' God picks the imperfect and turns them into leaders for us."

Bishop E.W. Jackson of Virginia, another attendee, shared how Graham's exhortation really challenged him. "[Graham] didn't go quite to a formal endorsement but he went beyond saying that [Trump] is a better alternative. I think he actually forced people to think about how they might be judging Donald Trump."

"It really gave me pause and I think it gave a few others pause too because what it says is that we Christians may be selling ourselves short by looking at Donald Trump and judging his Christianity when there are no perfect Christians," Jackson continued. "Different Christians have different strengths, weaknesses and different places in their development and so forth."

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