Franklin Graham Compares This Dad's Heroism To God's Love

March 10, 2016Mar 10, 2016

What if you and your child were at a baseball game and you saw a bat come hurdling toward your child? What would you do? This dad did the thing we all hope we would do: reach out and save his kid. 

The Washington Post reports:

"To celebrate his son Landon’s ninth birthday this weekend, Shaun Cunningham took him to his first baseball game. It was a spring training match between the Atlanta Braves and the Pittsburgh Pirates, at a stadium in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Pirates outfielder Danny Ortiz was swinging when he lost control, letting the bat slip from his grasp and hurtle toward the stands.

The ensuing seconds could have ended in disaster.As the errant bat flew toward them, seemingly homed in on Landon’s face, the 37-year-old Cunninghim went into 'dad mode.' 'I didn’t have a whole lot of time to think about it,' he told WFTV on Tuesday. 'It was dad mode, you know, protecting my son. So I just did what I could.'"

Wow, thank God! Here, on his Facebook page, Franklin Graham compares the love and protection of this dad to our Father in Heaven's love:



Do you have a time when God really protected your life? Let us hear about it in the Comments! Thank you!